Historical documents

Roots of Lakewood

Lakewood Fire Station in 1942

Lakewood's first fire station

Historic neighborhood tract map(PDF, 3MB)

The opening of the Douglas Aircraft bomber plant(PDF, 796KB) (1941)

An advertisement for Lakewood homes(PDF, 651KB) (1941)

Origins of the Pan American Festival(PDF, 772KB) (1969)

History of the Lakewood Taxpayers Association(PDF, 147KB)(1950) The association represented the civic interests of the Lakewood Village neighborhoods. John Todd (later Lakewood's city attorney) was the general manager of the association. 

Annexation and incorporation

Diorama with banner reading Lakewood tomorrow's city today

Lakewood display at the Los Angeles County Fair

Should Lakewood Annex to Long Beach?(PDF, 440KB) (Western City, 1952) Publication of this article electrified community organizations and set in motion the process that led to incorporation in 1954.

Carson Gardens Victory(PDF, 60KB) (1952)

Piecemeal Annexation: How They Work It(PDF, 843KB) (Lakewood Civic Council, 1953)

Why the Long Beach Papers Want Annexation(PDF, 350KB) (1953)

Municipal Government for Lakewood: Issues Regarding Annexation and Incorporation(PDF, 6MB) (July 1953) The Neff report examined the advantages and disadvantages of annexation and incorporation.

Lakewood Park Information Council brochure(PDF, 218KB) (1953) Arguments against annexation to Long Beach

Why Your Tax Dollar Buys Better Services for Less in a Free Lakewood(PDF, 138KB) (Lakewood Civic Council, 1953)

The Biggest and Best Part of Lakewood is Still Free(PDF, 140KB) (West Lakewood Civic Association, 1953)

Letter to Los Angeles County Supervisor Herbert Leg(PDF, 371KB) (December 1953) The letter outlines the concept of contracting with the county for city services.

A Look into a Crystal Ball(PDF, 412KB) (Lakewood Civic Speakers Bureau, 1954)

Don’t Be Misled!(PDF, 134KB) (Lakewood Civic Council, 1954)

Boyle Engineering Letter(PDF, 416KB) (February 1954) The letter confirmed the viability of Lakewood as an independent municipality.

Annexation to Long Beach: Important Information for the Residents of Mayfair and Lakewood Gardens(PDF, 108KB) (March 1954)

Vote “Yes” for Incorporation and George Nye, Jr.(PDF, 230KB) (1954)

We Cannot Possibly “Stay as We Are”(PDF, 107KB) (Lakewood Committee for Incorporation, 1954)

What March 9th Means to West Lakewood(PDF, 416KB) (1954)

Vote Yes on Incorporation(PDF, 769KB) (Lakewood Committee for Incorporation, 1954)

New city born

Lakewood's first city hall

Lakewood's first city hall

New City Piles Up Reserves(PDF, 493KB) (Christian Science Monitor, November 1954)

City of the Future(PDF, 202KB) (The Circle, General Telephone Company magazine, November 1954)

Lakewood's 1954-1955 Budget(PDF, 491KB)

Portrait of Lakewood Two Years After Incorporation(PDF, 228KB) (Western City Magazine, January 1956)

Your Property Taxes: A Report to the Citizens of Lakewood, California(PDF, 189KB) (Lakewood City Council, 1957)

City of Young Dreams Comes True(PDF, 292KB) (Kiwanis Magazine, December 1956)

Incorporation Fever: Hysteria or Salvation(PDF, 6MB) (Falk Foundation, 1957)

New City Department Established as City Purchases Water System(PDF, 97KB) (Western City Magazine, 1957)

Lakewood Plan: A Presentation to the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles County Division of the League of California Cities(PDF, 1MB) (John Todd, March 1958)