Youth Sports

Fernandez Softball camp coach

The L.A. County Department of Public Health has updated their Youth and Adult sports guidelines to allow for a return to competition in various sports. The City of Lakewood is currently offering all regularly scheduled sports leagues, which will include specific health and safety modifications required by the return to play guidelines. To ensure you are up to date on all of our recreation plans, please subscribe to our free weekly eMagazine at

Lakewood Youth Sports consists of a variety of sports opportunities throughout the year for boys and girls ages 4-17 years.

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Participants register individually and are placed on teams organized at Lakewood parks. All teams are coached by volunteers. Emphasis is placed on participation rather than competitive achievement.

Coaches promise their support of sportsmanship and respect by signing the Coach’s Goals and Objectives pledge. The LYS ETHICS pledge encourages a positive attitude and behavior by parents to insure the appropriate atmosphere for children’s sports.

Baseball / Softball / T-ball

Baseball / Softball / T-ball

Baseball, softball and t-ball rules and equipment are modified to create ideal playing conditions for young players.

  • Baseball for boys ages 8-17
  • Softball for girls ages 8-17
  • T-ball for boys and girls ages 4-5
  • Coach Pitch for boys and girls ages 6-7

Registration: Early May

Season: June through mid-August



LYS basketball games are played on outdoor courts at Lakewood parks with adjustable baskets and rule variations based on age divisions.

  • Basketball for boys and girls ages 8-17
  • Non-competitive Smurf division for boys and girls ages 6-7
  • Non-competitive Rookie division for boys and girls ages 4-5

Registration: Early December
Season: January through mid-March

Flag Football

Flag Football

Flag football uses speed and agility with appropriate safety considerations for a fast game on a 60-yard field.

  • Flag football for boys ages 8-17
  • Non-competitive Smurf division for boys and girls ages 6-7
  • Non-competitive Rookie division for boys and girls ages 4-5

Registration: Late August

Season: Late September through early December



LYS Volleyball games are played on both outdoor and indoor courts.

  • Volleyball for girls ages 10-17

Registration: Late August
Season: Late September through early December



Volleytennis is a fast-paced game played with a volleyball on a volleyball court with a tennis-height net.

  • Volleytennis for girls ages 8-9

Registration: late August
Season: late September through early December

Other Sports Opportunities/Leagues

Other Sports Opportunities

Area sports organizations offer additional sport opportunities in and around the Lakewood area. Below is a listing of the organizations, their season and sign-up months.

The City of Lakewood keeps an up-to-date listing of contacts for these various organizations. For the current contact person please call 562-866-9771, extension 2408.

League Seasons & Sign-up Dates

League League Seasons Ages Sign-Up Dates
AYSO August – January 5-18 May-June
Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Baseball February - August 5-18 January

Heartwell Fast Pitch

March – June 6-18 January
Heartwell Pony Colt February – July 13-16 January
Lakewood Aquatics Year Round 5-18 Monthly
Lakewood Little League March – June 6-12 December
Lkwd Pacific Junior Football and Cheer Aug. - Dec. 7-14 March-June
Lakewood Pop Warner Football & Cheer Aug. – Dec. 5-14 March-June
Lkwd Village Little League Feb.– July 5-12 January
East Long Beach Pony Baseball Feb-July 4-12 January


See details for each league