Construction and Demolition Debris

In order to ensure that all projects in the City are compliant, residents, contractors and homeowners planning a construction or demolition project will need to submit a Debris Recovery Plan for approval before receiving a permit.

The plan can be submitted online through Green Halo. Green Halo is replacing the paper applications.

Why is a Debris Recovery Plan required?

It is State & Local law.

As much as 30% of the waste that goes to landfills is C&D debris that can be reused or recycled.

Most of this material is recyclable, including asphalt, concrete, wood, metal, and cardboard. Recycling this material conserves natural resources and saves valuable landfill space.

The 2016 CalGreen requirements mandate that certain demolition and/or construction projects divert at least 65% of project-generated waste through recycling or reuse.

In compliance with the California Green Building Standards Code* (CalGreen), construction and/or demolition projects that meet the thresholds outlined below are required to divert a minimum of 65% of construction and demolition (C&D) waste from landfill disposal through recycling or reuse.

What Projects Must Comply with CalGREEN Building Standards Code?


  • All new construction of permitted structures.
  • All demolition of permitted structures.
  • Additions and alterations to residential buildings that require a permit.


  • All new construction of permitted structures.
  • All demolition of permitted structures.
  • Permitted additions or alterations of 1,000 SF or more, and/or with a valuation of $200,000 or more (Tenant Improvements).

How to submit your Construction Waste Management Plan

You can submit your plan online through Green Halo Waste Tracking Systems. 

Review the Step-by-Step Guide (PDF)(PDF, 3MB)

Submit your Plan 

Construction & Demolition Recycling FAQ

How much does this cost?

$0. The Green Halo waste tracking system is completely free of charge unless you choose to have system administrators upload weight receipts for your project. The City of Lakewood does not currently require a security deposit fee when submitting a waste application, although we anticipate that a security deposit will be in place by the end of 2022. Many jurisdictions have similar bylaws.

Which waste disposal facilities am I required to use?

EDCO Disposal is the City’s franchise waste hauler, and the only waste hauler allowed in the City.

If you decide not to use EDCO, you may haul the waste yourself. Self-haulers are not restricted in their disposal options for C&D debris, as long as projects meet the City's 65% debris diversion requirements.

Projects that utilize mixed waste recycling will require that materials are processed at a mixed C&D processing facility. A list of acceptable facilities is located on the Green Halo “Facilities list” page.

Contractors utilizing any of these certified facilities must use the listed Mixed C&D Debris Recycling Rate in determining their diversion rate on the C&D Recycling Plan.

Who can haul construction & demolition waste in the City of Lakewood?

In order to maintain consistent reporting methods and ensure compliance and good business practices, the City utilizes an exclusive franchise system for temporary waste collection.

EDCO Disposal is the only franchise waste hauler allowed in the City.


Additionally, property owners or construction contractors may self-haul debris using their own vehicles.

Self-hauling requires current vehicle registration, current vehicle insurance, and a photo of the vehicle that will be used to self-haul, with the license plate visible.