Budget Cover 2023_2024

At their June 13 meeting, Lakewood City Council Members approved mid-cycle adjustments to the two-year budget that runs from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2024.

Lakewood’s budget remains balanced in its focus and priorities, with almost equal spending on public safety, public works/infrastructure, and recreation and community services (each constitute about 25% of the city budget). 

Features of the 2023-24 portion of the budget include:

  • Expanded funding for sidewalk repairs and tree trimming to provide faster service.
  • Continued funding for extra hours of Deputy Sheriff patrols, overnight Private Security Guard patrols, and a Community Prosecutor who has proven valuable in using the legal system to make progress on many public safety and quality of life issues in neighborhoods.
  • Funding for two new Community Safety Officers to be assigned to the Lakewood Center mall. The civilian CSOs will work in partnership with the Sheriff’s Department and Lakewood Center security personnel and will be a highly visible presence for the safety for customers and merchants. One of the CSO salaries will be paid by the mall, which is the current practice for the Deputy Sheriffs also assigned full time to the mall.
  • Continued work on the next set of infrastructure improvements in Lakewood to be funded by voter-approved Measure L. These include: 1) Renovations to the Weingart Senior Center and Palms Park community building, and 2) HVAC, electrical and roofing repairs and upgrades to community buildings at parks throughout Lakewood.

Lakewood Finance Director Jose Gomez told the council that the city is on target to end the next fiscal year with a surplus of $3.6 million. 

“These current surpluses are very strategic and part of our long-term plan for success with Measure L,” said Gomez. “We need these surpluses in the early years of Measure L to pay down long-term costs so that we extend the benefits of Measure L many years into the future, as promised to our residents. Lakewood is in very good financial shape now, and we have the means to stay that way for the long term if we continue to be careful with our budgeting.”

Budget documents

Lakewood Budget FY23-24 Revised(PDF, 6MB)

Lakewood Proposed Budget FY 2022-2024(PDF, 5MB) 

Lakewood Budget FY 2020-2022(PDF, 4MB)

Lakewood Budget FY 2018-2020(PDF, 1MB)

Lakewood Budget FY 2016-2018(PDF, 3MB)

Lakewood Budget FY 2014-2016(PDF, 17MB)

Lakewood Budget FY 2013-2014(PDF, 3MB)

Lakewood Budget FY 2012-2013(PDF, 2MB)

Lakewood Budget FY 2011-2012(PDF, 4MB)