Legislation & Legislators

Legislative Advocacy

The City Manager's Office coordinates a very active legislative program focused on protecting the interests of our community and identifying resources available to enhance City series and programs. Our legislative efforts include researching and monitoring federal and state bills, preparing position papers and letters in response to proposed legislation, and working with our elected legislative representatives and their staffs to promote the interests of our community.

The City Council and the City Manager's Office works closely with our legislative advocates in Washington D.C. and Sacramento, as well as with the League of California Cities, to influence policy decisions that affect cities and pressure local control and local funding.

See the City of Lakewood's current Legislative Platform.(PDF, 174KB)

Legislative Resources

Decisions made in Sacramento, Washington D.C. and at City Hall touch the lives of taxpayers, homeowners, and Lakewood residents. But keeping abreast of developments can be a challenge.

Contacting your state or federal legislators and tracking a piece of legislation online may sound like assignments out of a civics class . . . but it’s easily within everyone’s reach.

If you're looking for your state or federal legislator or are intrigued by a piece of legislation under consideration in Sacramento or Washington D.C., the Internet can give you a ringside seat on what goes into making the laws that will shape the future of the state and the nation.

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