Snapshot Lakewood

In 2004 and again in 2014 the city’s video production team fanned out throughout the city hoping to videotape a genuine slice-of-Lakewood-life.

“Nothing was staged on these two Saturdays. We just shot people being people in a city 80,000 residents call home,” said Senior Producer Bob Sykes. “From sunrise to well into the night, our CityTV crews were busy capturing the Saturday routine.”

City TV first captured these moments on October 30, 2004 as part of Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary commemoration. Video crews unobtrusively shot what the narrator suggests are "ordinary events giving insight into the essence of the community." They recorded early-morning basketball at Mayfair Park, family gatherings, yard work and evening dining along Restaurant Row on a typical Saturday evening.

“On Saturday, September 13, 2014 we found the city at 60 and 10 years older but no worse for wear." said Sykes. “Snapshot 2014 showed us there are some constants in the community’s life, including early morning exercise at Rynerson Park and activity at Lakewood Center.”

Snapshot 2004 video scrapbook

Snapshot 2014 video scrapbook