Neighborhood Preservation

Lakewood neighborhood

Everyone enjoys living in a safe, clean, well-maintained neighborhood, as it makes for a great quality of life and keeps property values high.

Let us know when you notice concerns Lakewood staff can address.

You can report:

  • Graffiti
  • Parking issues
  • Potholes
  • Shopping carts
  • Street light outages


Code Enforcement

When larger issues arise, the City of Lakewood’s Public Nuisance and Property Abatement Team gets involved.

The city team includes a special assignment officer, city code enforcement officers and a city prosecutor, working together to identify and “clean-up” nuisance single or multiple housing units and businesses that are creating a haven for criminal activities, that are unsightly or disturbing the peace and safety of Lakewood neighborhoods.

Common property code violation examples

  • Unsightly or deficient exterior building materials, like peeling paint or missing surface materials.
  • Litter or debris in public view.
  • Garage conversions.
  • Additions/alterations made to property without a building permit.
  • Businesses operating out of homes without a permit.
  • Inoperative vehicles parked anywhere other than the garage.
  • Accessory structures such driveway canopies.
  • Parking vehicles on the front lawn.
  • Inadequate ground cover.
  • Overgrown vegetation that may be unsightly to neighbors or dangerous to public safety.
  • Trash cans in the parkway before 4 p.m. on the day before pick-up or left in the parkway 12 hours after pick-up.