Disaster Prep


Are you prepared to survive for seven days if disaster strikes?

Earthquake-like damage should remind Californians they will have very similar needs following the “big one.”

Post-quake necessities like food, water and shelter will be pressing needs, and help may not be able to get to you right away.

What to do now

  • Get prepared. Check out the resources below, especially the "Survive for 7" training, to make your plan and prepare your kit for the eventuality of a disaster. 
  • Remember your pets. SEAACA has provided great tips to help you think through what your pets will need if your family needs to leave quickly.
  • Pre-set a radio button to 1620 AM, Lakewood's emergency information radio service. It will broadcast Lakewood-specific information directly to residents following a crisis. Anyone who has a car or a battery-powered radio made after 1990 will be able to monitor 1620 AM, even if all electrical power is out.
  • Explore government resources. Bookmark local, county and statewide sites that will provide helpful real-time information in the event of an emergency. And, take the time now to get all the information you can to know what to do to prepare your home in the event of a disaster as well. 
  • Follow your city. Be sure to follow the City of Lakewood's FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts. In an emergency, we will be posting official information there.
  • Be ready to help save a life. You never know when you may need to know CPR or first aid. You can take classes through the City of Lakewood or the American Red Cross. Learn what you can so you can help your loved ones and neighbors if the time comes.