Nature trails for walking and cycling

View of the nature trail path and plants
Walking trails, bike trails and facilities border virtually all of the San Gabriel River as it runs through Lakewood south from Candlewood Street to Carson Street.
Scenic routes are available on either side of the river.
At Rynerson Park there is a 1-mile walking trail and cycling trailhead for the San Gabriel River Bike Trail.
Across the river is the West San Gabriel River Parkway Nature Trail, expanded in 2015, where a round trip from Candlewood Street to Carson Street is a 2.5-mile trek.
Native flora and fauna were reintroduced on the Nature Trail to give residents the chance to see what the Lakewood region used to look like.
Walk the trail from one of four entry points:
• Enter at Carson Street on the south end.
• Enter on Del Amo Boulevard at the north end.
• Park at Monte Verde Park, 4626 N. Shadeway Rd. and enter at this trailhead.
• Park and enter off Candlewood Street at Knoxville Avenue.