Disconnection of water service

City of Lakewood Policy of Disconnection of Residential Water Service

This policy pertains to residential water service accounts and has been established to comply with Senate Bill 998 “The Water Shutoff Protection Act” approved by the Governor on September 28, 2018 (CA HSC § 116900 et seq). 

To the extent this policy conflicts with any other rules, regulations, or policies of the City, this policy shall control.

The subjects covered by the policy include:

  • Requirements before residential water service is shut off.
  • Good faith noticing requirements for disconnects.
  • Appealing or contesting a water bill.
  • Amortized payment plans.
  • Demonstration of medical need and economic hardship.
  • Services involving landlord-tenant relationships and tenants right to start service.
  • Restoration of service following disconnection.
  • Annual reporting requirements.
  • Unauthorized actions of a customer.

For more information

If you have questions about the City’s policy of disconnection of residential water service, please call 855-785-4021 or visit Lakewood City Hall.

Annual Report Residential water service disconnections for nonpayment

 The total number of disconnections for Calendar Year 2023 will be available January 2024.