Photograph galleries

This is Lakewood! An exhibition of historical photographs and documents collected for the city's 60th anniversary of incorporation.

Enduring Values A selection of historical and contemporary photographs highlighting the reasons why residents like living in Lakewood.

A portrait gallery of Lakewood City Council Members since incorporation.

Lakewood Story photography collection More than 200 images from the city's archives organized chronologically to tell the story of the city.

Lakewood Center: 65 Years of Success Historical and contemporary photographs that detail the development and expansion of Lakewood Center.

Skyknight: From the Korean War to the Lakewood Veterans Memorial Plaza includes the journey taken by the city's Skyknight jet to its place in the Lakewood Veterans Memorial Plaza at Del Valle Park.

Lakewood's 60th Anniversary Photographs from the 2014 celebration.

Additional photographic resources include a  Community Gallery, resident-donated images Honoring Lakewood's Military Members and Veterans and illustrations of What Lakewood Means to Me.

Other collections feature Lakewood: Then and Now, portraits of Original Residents and a celebration of the Pan American Festival

Floor plans

This collection is not comprehensive, as development occurred well before Lakewood became a city and before some neighborhoods were added by annexation. These historical floor plans should not be relied on when making remodeling design plans. Design plans should be based on actual, current measurements.