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The Community Development Department is located at Lakewood City Hall and includes the following divisions:

Building and Safety - Assists businesses and homeowners with projects by issuing permits, assisting with plan checks and conducting inspections.


Planning and Zoning - Plans, coordinates, and monitors growth and development of the city utilizing the General Plan and the Zoning Code. Ensures projects comply with the California Environmental Quality Act and other planning related laws.

Code Enforcement/Neighborhood Preservation – Preserves and improves the aesthetic and environmental quality of the city.

Fair Housing - Provides information on fair housing laws and offers counseling to eligible residents in the areas of housing and tenant/landlord disputes.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) - Provides GIS products and services to all city departments.

Housing - Provides and manages affordable housing and rehabilitation programs for Lakewood residents.

Economic Development - Seeks to preserve and enhance the economic climate in Lakewood’s commercial zones.