What to do about rats


Tree rats are common in southern California in all neighborhoods. 

Rats can live in burrows in the earth and above the ground. They can also be found in attics, in or around piles of trash or wood, and in trees and dense shrubbery. Rats can often be seen on wires and fences, and they can be gray, black or brown in color. 

Do you have a rat infestation?

Some signs to look out for if rats are at your property are droppings, noise (thumping, scraping, or squealing in walls or attics), damage such as gnaw marks, and tracks (five-toed and up to one inch in length).

Tips to rid your home of tree rats:

1. Seal all possible rat entrance holes 1/4" or more in size, including around the roof and eaves.

2. Use metal screening (1/4" mesh, no less than 20 gauge) to tightly cover all vents.

3. Remove piles of trash, rubbish, or debris.

4. Elevate lumber or firewood 18" above the ground.

5. Trim shrubs, vines, and trees back from the house.

6. Cover all trash containers.

7. Remove ripe fruit from trees or the ground.

8. Remove leftover pet food.

9. Use a wooden snap trap baited with meat or fruit and place traps along walls or other runways. 

10. Fasten traps to a structure with wire or strong cord so rats cannot drag traps away. Inspect traps daily.