What to do about bees

Close up of honey bee next to a flower

Swarming Bees

All wild and domesticated bees throughout the West are presumed to be hybrids of European and African bees.

Their blended genetics make all bees less tolerant of disturbance and more likely to sting a suspected threat--a dog, a child or someone gardening. 

What to do about swarming bees depends on where they are living. 

  • Call the City of Lakewood for swarming bees on public property, such as park trees and street trees.
  • For swarms on private property, the property owner is responsible. Bees are a valuable part of California's nature environment, so calling a "bee friendly" removal service is preferred to resolve the problem.

NOTE: The Greater Los Angeles Vector Control District does not provide a bee removal service. 

Safety tips around bees:
  • Do not operate power equipment when bees are swarming in the area. Loud noises and sound vibrations may provoke nearby bees.
  • Do not attempt to burn or spray water on a bee swarm or hive.
  • Do not wear dark clothing when working outdoors. Bees target dark objects.