Getting help with tree issues

Workers caring for trees

The city maintains the parkway trees along residential streets.

You can call, email or submit a service request to report a tree-related issues such as described below.

Damaged or diseased trees

To maintain Lakewood's "urban forest," the city has a certified arborist on the Public Works Department staff to advise on tree maintenance. Staff will respond quickly to emergency conditions, such as a limb or a tree brought down by wind and rain. 

If you suspect your parkway tree is diseased, please report it so it may be evaluated. Trees are replanted due to age or disease, and will be replaced with a tree species that is best adapted to our climate, easier on streets and sidewalks and not likely to have objectionable pods or seeds. 

Overgrown trees requiring a trim

The city trims every parkway tree on a rotating, four-year cycle for the health of the tree. However, the city will send out a crew to trim more frequently if the tree:

  • Has foliage that is too thick.
  • Is growing too close to the house.
  • Has "sucker" growth out of the base of the tree.
  • Is overhanging the sideway.

Sidewalk or curb damage

Some parkway trees have reached the limit of their growth and have begun to damage sidewalks and curbs.

The city is mapping tree-damaged locations, replacing trees, and repairing sidewalks, curbs, and gutters as quickly as the city's budget permits.