Recycling Tips for Residents

See the EDCO website for information on what goes in your blue recycling cart.


  • All glass and metal containers are recyclable.
  • Plastic containers marked with the recycling symbol and a number from 1 to 7 inside the symbol (often found on the bottom of the container) are recyclable.
  • PVC pipe, vinyl siding, plastic film (grocery bags and stretch film) are not to be recycled.
  • Lakewood’s curbside recycling service allows you to mix recyclables in one cart. Glass jars and bottles, cardboard, paper bags, newspapers (including inserts), aluminum and steel cans, plastic containers, and mixed paper (including magazines) can go into the blue recycling cart.
  • Don’t bag your recyclables. Drop them unbagged into the blue cart.

Still unsure what to recycle? Don’t panic. Lakewood’s recyclables go to a “materials recovery facility” where the contents of every cart are sorted and the occasional non-recyclable item removed.