Help clean the air and get a rebate of up to $250

Published on February 04, 2024

Electric lawnmower rebate

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) now offers a year-round rebate program for local residents who scrap their old gas mower and purchase a new cordless electric lawn mower.

Rebate checks range from $150 to $250, based on the purchase price of the new mower.

You can see a short video and learn more about the process at

Six easy steps to receive your rebate

  1. Purchase your new, cordless electric lawn mower, either in-store or online. You can choose from more than 20 models available for residential use.
  2. Begin the online application, uploading your purchase receipt. 
  3. Select a certified scrapper from the SCAQMD list and print your certification form.
  4. Take your old working gas mower to the scrapping location. They will sign and return the certification form to you.
  5. Scan and upload the signed certification form to your online application.
  6. Electronically sign and submit your final application online. 

How much is the rebate?

Rebate amounts are based on the purchase price of the new electric lawn mower, not including taxes and delivery, and range from $150 to $250.

The electric lawnmower purchased must include a battery and charger. 

The rebate program is first-come, first-served and rebates will continue until all program funds are exhausted. 


For additional information, email or call 888-425-6247