Council Recap: Lakewood passes street racing ordinance

Published on June 28, 2022

Council Recap monument sign

At their June 28 meeting, Lakewood City Council Members passed a city ordinance that creates a process for the seizure and civil forfeiture of vehicles used in illegal street racing and street takeovers in Lakewood.

The ordinance also makes it a crime with a fine of $1,000 to be a spectator at a street race or street takeover in Lakewood. Spectators often block traffic to allow street races to take place; they place bets on the races; and they encourage, aid and abet the street racing and takeover process.

Street racing and street takeovers have become an increasing danger in communities throughout the nation. They also disturb the peace and quality of life in local neighborhoods. While Lakewood has not suffered impacts as much as many local communities, the Lakewood City Council has wanted to take strong action and send a strong deterrent signal to combat the problem and maintain the quality of life in Lakewood neighborhoods.

“Lakewood is one of the first communities in California to pass this kind of ordinance to combat street racing and street takeovers,” said Mayor Steve Croft. “It’s part of our city government’s ongoing work to do all that we can to keep Lakewood a safe and family-friendly community." 

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