Lakewood's newest water well is in service

Published on November 02, 2022

Lakewood City Council and city staff at ribbon cutting of new well

Despite all the challenges associated with COVID and supply-chain disruptions, the City of Lakewood and its contractors managed to complete the new well under budget.

The new well has the capacity to meet 60% of Lakewood’s daily demand by itself, pumping water from the underground aquifers beneath the city. (The city system gets 100% of its water locally from these underground aquifers, not from imported water from Northern California or the Colorado River.) 

Lakewood's water system

Lakewood now has a total of 11 operating wells providing high-quality drinking water to Lakewood customers. The new high-capacity well will enable Lakewood to reduce its reliance on older wells and pumps, thereby extending their useful life and keeping costs down over the long term.

Lakewood invests in its water system every year, and is known for being at the cutting edge in terms of new technology to keep costs as low as possible and to identify potential problem areas early so they can be fixed before they become bigger problems for the water system and water customers.

How you can take part in the benefits of Lakewood's new technology

  • Sign up here to access the data from the Smart Water Meter at your house. 
  • Check your Smart Water Meter data to see how much water you are using hour-by-hour and day-by-day so you can look for ways to save water…and money. 
  • Sign up for “Leak Alerts” that will automatically send you an email or text if the system notices what appear to be leaks or high usage at your home or business.
  • Sign up for automatic and/or paperless bill pay to make handling your water and trash payments more convenient.

Nearly 60% of Lakewood’s water customers have now signed up to access their Smart Water Meter and take advantage of the other benefits of the online system.

With questions, call city staff at 855-785-4021.