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The Charles Company

Jonathan Doty

This property is a 7.5-acre community shopping center located at the southeast corner of Palo Verde Avenue and South Street in Lakewood, CA. Zoned C-3 (Intermediate Commercial), the site has 83,323 square feet of commercial and retail floor space and is anchored by CVS.

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The property is situated at the intersection of two major arterial streets within 1 mile of the 605 Freeway. Its surrounding streets have a 35,526-vehicle average daily traffic count and exposure at a major intersection near the border between Lakewood and Cerritos. The surrounding neighborhood is a mix of single-family residential, multi-family residential, and commercial land uses.

Permit Information

The City of Lakewood has permit information for the site dating back to 1960.

Palo Verde & South
0-1 mi 0-2 mi 0-3 mi
Population (2010) 22,950 106,403 265,201
Housing Units (2010) 7,894 35,974 85,537
Median Household Income (2011 $) $88,443 $73,164 $69,436


Property Profile
Property Palo Verde & South

6404-6510 South Street

Lakewood, CA 90713

Size 7.5 acres
Gross Floor Area 83,323 sq. ft.

C-3 (Intermediate Commercial).

To see the rest of the city’s zoning designations, view(PDF, 1MB) the Lakewood zoning map.

General Plan Designation Commercial(PDF, 1MB)
Daily Traffic Counts (2012)

26,988 (South, B/T Palo Verde & San Gabriel River)

8,538 (Palo Verde, B/T South & Del Amo)

Lakewood Traffic Counts (2002 - 2012)(PDF, 1MB)