Cherry Avenue Auto Row & Light Industrial Area

Not every Lakewood resident who shops for a new or used car or truck knows that their city is home to automotive dealerships on Cherry Avenue that offer the full range of models from Chevrolet, Ford, Lincoln Mercury, Hyundai, and Mazda.

Fortunately, it isn’t hard to make local shopping a habit. Cherry Avenue’s auto row, two blocks north of the 405 freeway, is ready to become your hometown destination for a new or used sedan, compact, SUV, or truck. View map.

It makes sense to shop locally, because auto sales are such an important component of retail sales. When you buy a car or truck in Lakewood, your neighborhood benefits directly.

In fact, every time you shop locally you’re contributing to the quality of life in Lakewood. You’re supporting law enforcement programs. You’re keeping residential streets in good shape. And you’re helping to staff parks and senior centers.

How close is that great car deal you’ve been waiting for? Like the jingle says: Two blocks north of the 405 Freeway . . . Cherry Avenue auto row!

Cherry Avenue Dealerships