Census Information

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The U.S. Census Bureau compiles a detailed look at the nation’s demographics every ten years. Data between censuses comes from the American Community Survey. Findings go beyond simple population counts and give insight about social, economic, housing, and demographic details.

The City of Lakewood is located in southern Los Angeles County, about 23 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Lakewood incorporated on April 16, 1954 and the area of the city is 9.5 square miles. 

Lakewood’s population was estimated by the U.S. Census in July 2022 to be 79,063.

Various demographic reports about the Lakewood Community:

1970-2000 Census Data Comparison(PDF, 722KB)

1980-1990 Census: Comparison of Demographic Data(PDF, 57KB)

2000 Census: Lakewood Population Profile(PDF, 587KB)

2000 Census: Lakewood Socio-Economic Profile(PDF, 103KB)

2000 Census: Quick Facts for Lakewood(PDF, 78KB)

2010 Census: Quick Facts for Lakewood(PDF, 37KB)

2010 Census: Tracts Map(PDF, 2MB)

2011 Community Profile of the City of Lakewood(PDF, 3MB)

2017 Community Profile of the City of Lakewood(PDF, 2MB)

2019 Community Profile of the City of Lakewood(PDF, 2MB)