Pet adoption and regulations

Employee with dog

Number and type of pets per household

Lakewood city ordinances permit no more than two dogs and no more than two cats per household.

For other types of animals, a resident may have up to five chickens, rabbits, ducks or pigeons if kept in a coop and at least 35 feet from any residence or dwelling. View Lakewood Municipal Code LMC 4191 and LMC 4194.C.

Roosters are not allowed within city limits. 

Call Lakewood Customer Service at 562-866-9771, extension 2140 or send an email to if you have questions about other types of animals.

Leash law 

Lakewood has a "leash law" which requires owners to leash their dog when it is off the owner's property, and requires that dogs on leashes are "securely and continuously held by a competent person."

Park rules

Dogs are not allowed on the grass at Lakewood parks, but may be walked around the perimeter. 

Dogs are only allowed at the HomeRun Dog Park in Rynerson Park. Check the park's rules before you go.


Lakewood requires dog owners to license their pets within 60 days of moving to the city or getting a dog.

SEAACA (South East Area Animal Control Agency) issues all pet licenses for Lakewood through a partnership with DocuPet

How to get a license

Pet adoptions

If you are ready to give a pet a forever home, visit the SEAACA website first.

You can search by type of animal, age and breed so you can find the pet that fits your lifestyle best. 

View adoptable animals