Native American Heritage Month

Published on November 01, 2022

Native American Heritage Month

America includes many cultures and peoples dating back thousands of years to the original inhabitants of this land. In November, Lakewood is joining communities around the nation in honoring America’s indigenous peoples and sharing their history, culture, struggles and accomplishments.

A key element of Lakewood's award-winning Community Dialogue on Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is celebrating the diversity of people and cultures that Lakewood is proud to have as part of our community.

On behalf of the Lakewood City Council, Mayor Steve Croft recently signed a proclamation(PDF, 3MB) declaring November as “Native American Heritage Month” in Lakewood. 

Resources to learn more

See a special Lakewood CityTV video that highlights the Native American people who lived in the Lakewood-Long Beach area, including the Tongva people. 

Native American Festival 2017 from CityTVLakewoodCA on Vimeo.

Los Angeles County Library

Explore the Los Angeles County Library’s website for Native American Heritage Month.

Check the Lakewood library webpages for activities and resources you can read, watch and participate in:

Angelo Iacaboni Library

George Nye Jr. Library

For adults:

Nye and Iacoboni libraries in Lakewood will have a kit about the Yankton Dakota artist Mary Sully (1896-1963), who was a largely self-taught artist known for her modern abstract style of symmetrical geometrical shapes.

Learn about artist Mary Sully from Kascia Samel, American Indian Resource Center Librarian, and create your own inspired artwork.

For children:

Iacoboni Library will have a bowl weaving activity kit for kids aged 6-12.

Native Americans create baskets using knowledge passed down from different family members. For this activity, children can create a basket out of yarn and a paper plate using a braiding pattern called wicker that many different cultures use.

The Hopi tribe (Arizona) is well known for their basket weaving. Talented basket makers can weave wonderful designs like animals, people, nature elements, and abstract designs into the basket. These designs are incredibly complex and require lots of mathematical and geometric calculations to create. 

For teens: 

Nye and Iacoboni libraries in Lakewood will also have a teen bookmark weaving kit for teens aged 13-17.

Learn basic weaving techniques as you create your own bookmark. Explore how different cultures around the world use unique weaving styles and patterns to represent their identity and history.

Iacoboni Library will also have an in person program for teens interested in bookmark weaving on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 4 p.m. Interested participants can register a week in advance online.

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