Park projects slowed by supply chain and other problems

Published on July 27, 2022

Worker cuts long grass near San Martin Park construction site

Construction projects worldwide are facing unexpected delays because of supply chain problems and COVID-related staffing shortages. Unfortunately, the current renovation work at San Martin and Rynerson parks can now be added to that list of impacted projects.

San Martin Park’s new picnic shelters and tot lot playground are being affected by supply chain and COVID delays that are delaying their final completion.

Rynerson Park is having new picnic shelters installed, restrooms renovated, and repairs made to hardscape and bridges over a flood control channel. The restroom renovations have been successfully completed, but the picnic shelters and repairs to the bridges and hardscape have been delayed because of a shortage in key construction materials.

“We’re doing everything we can to find ways to speed the work along to completion,” said Lakewood Public Works Director Kelli Pickler. “We know park users and neighbors are tired of seeing the construction fencing up and want to see the parks fully reopened. Lakewood prides itself on having beautiful, usable parks, and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish with these renovation projects. So we apologize for the unexpected delays in reaching our goal.”

Another unexpected impact from the delays has been the growth of tall grass in hard-to-reach, fenced-in areas of the constructions sites. “Usually, a project is completed before grass can grow that tall,” said Pickler. “But with these delays, the grass has grown to unsightly levels, so we are working with our contractors to have them get into those tight, fenced-in areas and cut the grass down. Some degree of messiness is inevitable with a construction site, but we want to keep our city worksites as neat as possible for our residents.” 

Photo above: Lakewood contractors are now cutting tall grass next to construction sites.