Flushing of fire hydrant water lines

Published on September 06, 2022

Employee near water hydrant

Over the coming months, the City of Lakewood Department of Water Resources will carry out its annual maintenance step of flushing water mains through open fire hydrants, which is a preventative program to test fire hydrants and water main valves and to flush water mains of rusty sediment. 

How water main flushing helps

Flushing fire hydrants helps ensure that hydrants are functioning properly and is an important component of fire safety.

Flushing is also a key step in maintaining water quality. 

Over time, distribution mains can accumulate sediment. Periodic flushing of the mains cleans and scours their interior by sending a rapid flow of water through the system. This process may result in temporary discolored water caused by small particles dislodged during flushing. 

What you can expect before and after flushing

Advance notice. City of Lakewood water staff will hang tags on door knobs to give residents advance notice of the date and time window of flushing in their neighborhood. As a courtesy, the City of Lakewood flushes water mains in the late evening to minimize inconvenience to residents.

Discolored water. In the event that you encounter discolored water in your home after flushing, please be cautious and do not immediately use your water for washing or consumption. It is ok for toilet use.

Once flushing in your area is complete:

  • Allow the water from your outside water spigot to run for a few minutes at full velocity until the discoloration dissipates.
  • Next, check the kitchen faucet or bathtub spout inside your home by running the cold water until any remaining discoloration dissipates.