Bulky Item Pickup

For the convenience of Lakewood residents, the city’s trash collection contractor has an additional service for large item pickup. This free service is designed to help residents dispose of certain types of bulky or awkward household items, such as old mattresses, water heaters, sofas and chairs. The service is limited to six (6) free collections per single family residence each year.

If you can’t find a reuse opportunity for your items, you can call EDCO Disposal at 562-531-3054 prior to 3:30 p.m. one day in advance of your regular trash collection day, and ask for a bulky item pickup.

Some items cannot be picked up. They include:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Old auto parts
  • Machinery and other industrial discards
  • Oil, grease, and other liquids
  • Building materials such as bricks, lumber, old roofing materials, dirt, and broken concrete
  • Excessively large items, such as whole tree trunks and large limbs

For hazardous waste like paint, oil, and household chemicals, go online or call (888) CLEAN-LA for a schedule of County-sponsored HHW/E-waste roundups.


Reuse is strongly encouraged. Before calling for a bulky item pickup, consider donating or reselling your old items. Contact one of the following organizations first.

Local shelters, non-profit organizations, repair shops, thrift stores, consignment stores, and second-hand stores may be willing to take your unwanted household items, such as furniture, appliances, linens, clothing, decorative items and equipment.

Donating or selling items means less trash in local landfills, a steady stream of reusable household items for repair and resale, and provides much-needed items to those less fortunate. Another benefit is that you can receive a tax deduction for qualifying donations!

Annual Christmas Tree Pickups

Christmas trees can be recycled. Lakewood collects Christmas trees and recycles them as ground cover. Collection typically begins December 26 and continues into the second week of January. Lakewood residents can recycle their Christmas tree and get extra post-holiday trash hauled away with assistance from the city’s waste hauler, EDCO Waste and Recycling Services.

For two weeks after Christmas – from December 26 through the first week of January – the green waste recycling truck will pick up discarded Christmas trees on each of the city's residents regular trash collection days.

Over 10,000 trees are collected annually from Lakewood residents, creating more than 100 tons of useful, recycled mulch.

Trees may be placed in the new green waste carts (cut if needed, so the lid closes).

Large trees that won't fit in the green waste carts should be left curbside. Trees over eight feet tall must be cut in half. The collection of trees for recycling is free.

EDCO also runs an extra truck to help residents with the added trash that is typical during the holidays. The pickups are intended to deal with the overflow of Christmas wrapping and boxes that follow holiday giving. Residents should continue to use their existing carts.

The special one-week pickup period starts December 26, and is only for holiday-related trash that will not fit in normal trash carts. It should be bagged using standard garbage bags and left two feet from the carts for pickup. Up to 10 standard size trash bags are allowed. Holiday and appliance boxes may be left for pickup as well.

Tree Recycling Tips

  • The tree should be at the curb on the regular trash pickup day.
  • Decorations (ornaments, tinsel, etc.) and metal or plastic stands must be removed.
  • Wooden tree stands can be left on the tree.
  • Flocked trees can be recycled.
  • The tree must not be in a bag.
  • Trees over eight feet tall must be cut in half.

The city’s bulky item collection program will be suspended during the tree recycling program. It returns in January. For more information, call 562-866-9771, extension 2140.