Volunteer Day workers taking a break at a refurbishment project.

There’s a deep tradition in Lakewood of volunteering and donating to those in need and to the city as a whole. That caring spirit creates a strong community that benefits everyone. It’s part of what’s made for a good quality of life in Lakewood for over 65 years!

Lakewood offers a wide-range of volunteering opportunities.

See our volunteering brochure here or call the numbers below for adult or teen volunteering. You can also submit a volunteer interest request through this online form.

If you don’t initially find just the right fit for you, look around and try another. You’re sure to find something that works for you. Even a small commitment can make a big difference.

Lakewood's hub for adult volunteering is the Burns Community Center at 562-925-7512.

The Youth Center at Del Valle Park is the best source of teen volunteer opportunities at 562-429-7472.