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New restaurant and developments at Lakewood Center

New restaurant and developments at Lakewood Center

Canada’s No. 1 casual dining restaurant with more than 380 locations across Canada will be locating at the site of the former East Side Mario’s on Candlewood Street on the north side of Lakewood Center. Boston Pizza (yes, it’s a Canadian company) will bring its popular menu mix of creative pizzas, pastas, salads and more to Restaurant Row with a planned opening by the end of this year. The company will tear down the existing building to the studs and rebuild an entirely new restaurant. Boston Pizza’s formula is for a family-friendly restaurant on one side of its buildings and an upbeat sports bar on the other side.

Lakewood Center also announced that they will spend over $1.3 million this year in new street and parking lot paving and new roofing for a large area of the mall. This comes on top of a major HVAC upgrade project last year. 

Lakewood Center also has released plans for another Summer Fest event at Lakewood Center on Saturday, August 18. It will include a concert by Knyght Ryder, one of the favorite Concert in the Park bands in Lakewood, and even more Kids Zone play activities than last year. 

“It’s great to hear how much Lakewood Center is investing in the mall and its infrastructure,” said Lakewood Mayor Steve Croft. “That’s a good sign for the future.”

“While it’s of course disheartening to see Nordstrom Rack close this week, that is part of the ebb and flow of businesses that you see in any large mall,” said Croft. “Businesses come and go, but you want the overall mall to stay vibrant and healthy. And we see that vibrancy at Lakewood Center.

“Lakewood Center management has told us they are working hard to find a new tenant for the Nordstrom Rack space,” Croft said. “They succeeded in finding a large new Burlington store to put in the vacant Sports Authority building at Lakewood Center. That building is currently undergoing an $800,000 renovation and will open this fall. On the Lakewood City Council, we’re very happy that Lakewood Center continues to be a strong partner with our community.”