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Tips for preparing for heavy rain

Tips for preparing for heavy rain

Be ready when heavy rains are in the forecast. Here are tips for keeping your family and your property safe.

In your car:
• As a flat city in a flat region, Lakewood streets can take time to drain during a heavy downpour.
• Avoid driving during a downpour if you can. And never drive through a flooded roadway (or walk across a flowing stream of water).
• Park your car in your raised driveway when a heavy downpour is expected. You don’t want your car to be accidently flooded parked alongside a gutter with high water.
• Watch for utility workers working near roadways during storms.
• Slow down at intersections, especially those with non-working signal lights, and treat them as stop signs.

At home:
• Garages are the most vulnerable to flooding. Raise valuable items off the floor. Use sandbags if you think your garage or ground-level rooms are at risk.
• Check yard drainage. Check trees that may have weak limbs that could fall in a storm.
• Keep pets inside and ensure they have shelter from the storm.

To report trouble:

• To report a fallen tree, traffic signal outage, clogged storm drain catch-basin, or other city services emergency, call city hall at 562-866-9771 during business hours. After hours, call the same number but follow the prompts to page a 24-hour emergency services worker.
• For a public safety emergency, always call 911.

If power is ever out citywide for an extended period of time, city staff will broadcast emergency information on Lakewood’s KLWD 1620 AM radio station. The station can be heard on your car radio. It’s also another reason to have a supply of batteries and radio at home as part of your emergency kit.