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Sisters featured in first Lakewood CityTV video honoring Lakewood veterans

Sisters Neoma and Millie, Army nurses in WWII

Lakewood CityTV’s video “Honoring Lakewood Veterans Brick by Brick: Miller Family” tells the story of one Lakewood family’s four World War II veterans. Their names are inscribed on bricks installed at the Del Valle Park Veterans Memorial Plaza, and their photos and stories are part of the Lakewood Veterans History Project website.

Lakewood resident Leslie Miller’s mother Neoma and aunt Millie were trained nurses, eager to enter patriotic service during World War II. They joined the U.S. Army Nurses Corps in 1944 with the understanding that they would always be stationed together. Neoma and Millie met their husbands-to-be while caring for them as patients. The two families eventually purchased homes next door to each other on Schroll Street in the Carson Park section of Lakewood.

Watch the compelling story of the Miller family at Lakewood CityTV plans to feature more Lakewood veterans in this video series.

In 2015, the expansion of the Veterans Memorial Plaza at Del Valle Park included an installation of inscribed bricks purchased by the public to honor veterans or active duty military service members. The following year, the City launched the Lakewood Veterans History Project website ( to tell the stories of those honored by the bricks at the Veterans Memorial. 

Bricks may still be purchased to honor veterans and are installed each year just prior to the annual Memorial Day ceremony. Stories of all Lakewood-connected veterans (brick purchase is not required) are welcome to be submitted for posting on the Lakewood Veterans History Project website. 

For more information, please visit, stop by the Public Works counter at Lakewood City Hall, or call 562-866-9771, extension 2140.