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New green waste carts rolling out now

New green waste carts rolling out now

Starting July 31 and continuing through August 18, Lakewood’s trash and recycling contractor, EDCO Disposal, will deliver free green waste rolling carts to every Lakewood single-family residence.

It will take three weeks to distribute the carts city-wide. The new carts will be used in EDCO’s automated curbside collection of green waste, similar to how trash and recycling is collected.

The new green waste carts will be left at the curbside of each home on the normal trash day for that home between July 31 and August 18. The carts are the same size as the standard 95-gallon gray trash cart residents currently have. 

The week immediately after the new carts arrive, residents can leave their empty, old green waste containers at their curbside on their normal trash day and EDCO will remove them at no cost, or residents can hold on to their old containers.

After the initial pick-up day for old containers, if residents want their old containers picked up they will need to call EDCO at 562-531-3054 for a free bulky item pickup.

Once the new green waste carts are delivered, EDCO will no longer pick up green waste in residents' old green waste containers, as the system will be fully automated.

The only exception is that residents may still leave bundles of branches, etc. less than 4 feet long and 18 inches in diameter, tied securely with string or twine and EDCO will pick those up at no cost.

After the initial delivery and upon request, EDCO will provide up to two additional large 95-gallon green waste carts to residents at no charge. For residents who have physical limitations or space constraints at their home, smaller rolling green waste carts will be provided at no cost.

The new automated green waste collection system is expected to reduce injuries to EDCO workers that can result from lifting the wide variety of often unpredictably heavy green waste containers that residents have. The automated system, using larger green waste containers, is also expected to increase the amount of green waste recycling achieved by Lakewood residents.

This is a free upgrade in EDCO’s service to Lakewood residents, with no increase in EDCO’s monthly charge.

Green waste is grass, weeds, flowers, clippings and branches. For a complete list of green waste dos and don’ts, go to

With any questions about the new green waste carts or any trash and recycling issue, please call EDCO at 562-531-3054 or submit a question online at