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Students get early start on medical careers

 Students get head start on medical field careers

Mayfair High School students are taking part in a unique and award-winning program to get an introduction to healthcare career fields. The special classes, which extend from 9th to 12th grade, are the result of a partnership between Lakewood Regional Medical Center, Bellflower Unified School District, and Lakewood Vice Mayor Diane DuBois, who helped nurture the collaboration.
Students at Mayfair can start with a class called “Healthcare Career Opportunities,” and then move into hands-on laboratory courses exploring biomedical engineering, dentistry, forensics, veterinary medicine and other fields. Once in 11th and 12 grades, students can spend time at Lakewood Regional rotating through different departments, and they can also apply for several valuable openings to “job shadow” with a doctor.
“I want to give a big thank-you to Dr. Ronald Fischman of Lakewood Regional Medical Center for being the creative spark behind this program,” said Vice Mayor DuBois. “And I was so pleased that Bellflower Unified School District was able to turn this concept into a hands-on learning experience that would excite and motivate lots of our local students to learn and to potentially head into a personally and socially rewarding career field.”
Lakewood CityTV has produced a feature about the medical outreach program at
Students or parents interested in learning more can go to or contact Lisa Azevedo, Assistant Superintendent of the Bellflower Unified School District at 562-866-9011, extension 2180.