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COVID vaccines offered at Lakewood Costco, CVS and other So Cal sites

COVID vaccines offered at Lakewood Costco, CVS and other So Cal sites

Many pharmacies and stores in our region, including Costco, CVS and Rite-Aid, began administering COVID vaccines by appointment to those currently eligible under county rules, such as those 65 and over in L.A. County.

Appointments are required and will fill quickly, but new slots will be added regularly, so check back if no slots are available when you initially look.

The vaccine will not cost you anything, but you will be asked for your insurance information for billing. If you do not have insurance, the pharmacy will request reimbursement from the federal government.

Costco: Check for an appointment time and register at the Costco Pharmacy website. Once you select an appointment time, you will also be asked to complete an online information form. Appointments are only available online.

CVS: Schedule an appointment online or call (800) 746-7287. CVS asks people not to contact individual pharmacies.

Rite-Aid: The Rite-Aid at 5520 Woodruff in Lakewood is also taking vaccine appointments. Check online for an available appointment.

There are also limited vaccine doses available at other pharmacies, including Vons, Albertsons and Ralphs. Check each company's website for the latest information on vaccine supply and how to schedule an appointment.

Check for all vaccination locations through L.A. County's website.