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Street sweeping parking enforcement resumed March 1

Street sweeping parking enforcement resumed March 1

Now that the latest COVID stay-at-home restrictions are lifting, the City of Lakewood has resumed making full clean sweeps of each street, which requires having vehicles off the streets during sweeping hours.

Street sweeping parking enforcement resumed in residential areas on Monday, March 1.

To help remind residents of the change, courtesy notices were placed on cars parked on the street during street-sweeping periods the last week of February.

Lakewood issues tickets not for revenue but to encourage people to clear the street during street sweeping so that we can get a clean sweep of the full street. Street sweeping is mandated by the State of California to avoid polluting the ocean by picking up trash from the gutter, and it is a general public health and quality of life service.

If you are working from home on street sweeping day, there are approved alternatives to parking on the street so you can avoid a ticket and help your neighborhood get a good clean sweep.

If your garage or driveway is full, you may park:

  • In your front or side yard (on street sweeping day only)
  • On the apron (the slope leading up to your driveway) including sideways on your apron.

Remember not to obstruct the sidewalk when parking on the driveway or the apron, as that's a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act and the state vehicle code.

Some Lakewood households with numerous vehicles have parking difficulties on street sweeping day even predating the COVID situation. That's why Lakewood has traditionally allowed parking in these alternative places, which many cities do not.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep Lakewood streets clean.