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Lakewood parks are off limits to group sports and practices

Lakewood parks are off limits to group sports and practices

The recently updated County Public Health Order allows individual or family recreational activity, but prohibits recreational activity and non-essential gatherings among persons not in the same household. This includes Lakewood and Lakewood parks.

This prohibition includes informal team practices or friends getting together for such things as throwing a baseball, football or Frisbee, as those activities can lead to the spread of the coronavirus.

Keep in mind that otherwise healthy people with no symptoms can catch and transmit the coronavirus to others who are more vulnerable.

Several such informal team practices and group gatherings were observed in Lakewood parks this past weekend, but city recreation staff (and Deputy Sheriffs if necessary) will now be enforcing the County Public Health Order against such gatherings and activity.

Individuals and families are encouraged to get fresh air and exercise in public spaces, such as Lakewood's parks. Solo activities, like walking, jogging and bike-riding can all be done as long as each person is six feet away from another.

The only exception to social distancing is for members of the same household. They may move or stand together, but must be separated from others by six feet in public, in line at essential businesses or inside stores.

The County Public Health Order is in effect until further notice. We all need to take social distancing seriously to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus.