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More cuts coming to Lakewood city budget

More cuts coming to Lakewood city budget

Faced with the continued loss of funds to the state government and declining local revenues, the Lakewood City Council on June 11, 2019 made cuts to several areas of Lakewood’s city budget in order to stay in balance for the new fiscal year, which runs from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

"We are definitely facing a tough city budget situation because of revenue takeaways from Sacramento and Washington, D.C. and other factors,” said Mayor Todd Rogers. “The state government alone has taken $30 million from Lakewood over the past eight years and continues to take over $2 million every year, which undermines the city’s ability to maintain our fiscal stability.

To maintain a balanced budget, the City Council on June 11 made $1.3 million in new cuts on top of cuts from last year that will continue into the new fiscal year.

2019-2020 budget PDFCuts include:

  • Holding off on most major maintenance and repairs to park and city-owned facilities.
  • Continuing to freeze nine vacant city positions, including park and public works staff who maintain park and community building bathrooms, lighting and landscaping.
  • Scaling back or cancelling several community events.
  • Making initial cuts to the budget for public safety.

“I’m very concerned about the impact of these cuts on the quality services that our public expects and deserves,” said Rogers.

“We take pride in Lakewood in having good quality parks and city facilities,” said Rogers, “but many of our buildings are over 60 years old and in need of repair, with deteriorating bathrooms and aging electrical systems. I’m worried about the state and federal funding takeaways and whether we can find the resources in the coming years to make those repairs and upgrades for our Lakewood residents.”

In the weeks ahead, as part of Lakewood’s focus on long-term financial planning and transparent budgeting, the city will be engaging residents in a community conversation regarding the city’s budget situation and asking for their input on service priorities.