Organics waste recycling

organic food waste in a small bin

Organic waste is a renewable natural resource. It mainly comes from yard and kitchen waste from homes, and food waste and scraps from industrial and commercial operations.

Mandatory recycling of organic waste is the next step to achieving California's Zero Waste goals.

Recycling organics will be easy and convenient with EDCO's commingled Organics Recycling program. 

You will be able to put your food scraps in the same container as your green waste. 

What goes in your Green Cart?

Here are just a few examples of what you can place in your green cart.

  • Food scraps: fruit, vegetables, meat, bones, non-liquid dairy, egg shells, prepared food.
  • Food-soiled paper: Napkins, tea bags, paper plates, coffee filters.
  • Yard waste: Plants, leaves, branches, grass.

You can also compost your own organic waste for your own garden. Learn how.

How organic waste recycling works

  • EDCO collects organics from your green cart and transports it to a local composting facility.
  • The material is placed in large piles, where microorganisms begin to break it down and heat up the piles to very high temperatures.
  • After about 12 months, the material breaks down and is transformed into an earthy, soil-like material called compost.
  • Compost is used to fertilize plants, gardens and other outdoor areas. 

Avoid can donate food to help others

Don't let food go to waste...donate it!

Food Finders is a nonprofit food recovery organization with the mission of eliminating hunger and food waste while improving nutrition in food-insecure communities.

They support pantries, shelters, agencies, missions and more within a large part of the Southern California region.

Food Finders coordinates all the logistics of picking up and distributing your donated food, delivering same-day to a partner agency within your local area. 

No amount of food is too small or too big, whether it's perishable, nonperishable or prepared food. 

To learn more, call 562-283-1400 or visit


Tips for Keeping your Cart Clean

  • Always keep the lid closed
  • If possible, keep the container in a shaded area
  • Lock organic waste containers to prevent contamination and access from potential pests
  • If possible, delay adding food scraps to the outdoor container until collection day, freeze or refrigerate until pick up day
  • Wrap leftover food in newspaper, paper bag or other food-soiled products
  • Sprinkle a layer of baking soda on top of organic waste if you notice orders
  • Line the bottom of your outdoor container with newspaper, a paper bag or yard waste to absorb excess moisture and prevent food from sticking to the bottom
  • Following waste collection, rinse your bin with water to remove any residue. Add white vinegar or spray the sides of the bin with Lysol to further disinfect the cart. You can also choose to use a scrub brush with a mixture of water and baking soda. Pour dirty water onto your lawn and not the street drain. It is illegal to discharge pollutant from waste carts and dumpsters such as trash, food scraps or liquid waste into the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System
  • Hire an optional private container cleaning service


Questions about the green waste carts or any trash and recycling issue? Please call EDCO at 562-531-3054 or submit a question online at