Green waste

Green waste, both yard and food, goes in the free green waste cart provided to all Lakewood residents by EDCO.

Upon request, EDCO will provide up to two additional large 95-gallon green waste carts to residents at no charge. If you have physical limitations or space constraints at your home, contact EDCO to request smaller rolling green waste carts provided at no cost.

EDCO no longer picks up green waste in residents' old green waste containers, as the system is now fully automated.

You may still leave bundles of branches, etc. less than 4 feet long and 18 inches in diameter, tied securely with string or twine and EDCO will pick those up at no cost.

What goes in your Green Cart?

  • Food scraps: fruit, vegetables, meat, bones, non-liquid dairy, egg shells, prepared food.
  • Food-soiled paper: Napkins, tea bags, paper plates, coffee filters.
  • Yard waste: Plants, leaves, branches, grass, weeds, flowers, palm fronds, clippings, ivy, floral decorations, branches, Halloween pumpkins, Christmas trees (cut in half so they fit with the cart lid closed, if needed), sod and ice plants in small quantities.

You can also compost your own organic waste for your own garden. Learn how.

Items you should never put in your green waste cart:

  • Do not use plastic bags to dispose of green waste. Lawn services should be notified of this rule. Bags – even biodegradable bags – will contaminate the green waste.
  • No dirt, rocks, asphalt, concrete or sand
  • No cat litter or other pet waste (pet waste and cat litter should be bagged and put in the gray trash cart)

For a complete list of green waste dos and don’ts, go to

Recycled green waste is often used for cover at landfills and can also be used to produce compost.

Questions about the green waste carts or any trash and recycling issue? Please call EDCO at 562-531-3054 or submit a question online at