DASH Transit & Buses



The city's DASH transit service is free to Lakewood residents 60 years of age or older without their own transportation and to disabled residents of any age. Users of the service must meet some eligibility requirements.

DASH is a reservation-only service that travels in and around Lakewood. For help in becoming a DASH rider, call 562-924-0149.

Visit the DASH application page for the form and how to apply for service.


Dial-A-Lift provides additional disabled transit service.

It's available for longer distance trips and longer hours for a nominal fee. Call 562-591-8753 for a Dial-A-Lift application.

Pre-registration is required and eligibility requirements must be met for this program. 

LA Metro Transit

Lakewood Transit Guide(PDF, 1MB)

If you’re new to public transit, your first ride is likely to be on a bus. The systems that serve Lakewood run new, clean-fueled coaches that make getting to your destination easy and comfortable. Long Beach Transit (LBT) operates nearly a dozen bus routes in Lakewood. Most of them connect to downtown Long Beach. Seven of these routes serve Lakewood Center while other routes connect Lakewood with Cerritos, Artesia, Bellflower, Hawaiian Gardens, Paramount and Signal Hill.

The Metro A Line (formerly the Blue Line) has a convenient station and ample parking on Del Amo Avenue near the 710 Freeway and can zip riders to downtown Los Angeles and the rest of the Metro system in just minutes.

To make transit even more appealing, Lakewood has upgraded more than 100 bus stops around town. U.S. Congresswoman Linda Sanchez secured federal funds to help Lakewood with this project. Stops along major boulevards even have solar-powered lighting for the convenience of evening travelers.

LBT lines 191 and 192 make quick connections to the Del Amo station of the Metro Blue Line for rail service to downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach. Metro local buses 265 and 266 make connections to the Green Line station on Lakewood Boulevard at the 105 Freeway. Bellflower, Carson, Cerritos and Norwalk operate local services that also link to LBT and Metro lines.

Long Beach Transit

Long Beach Bus

Lakewood Center is a major “transit mall” for Long Beach Transit (LBT) buses. The streets around the mall are a hub for popular north-south and east-west bus routes that take riders to destinations such as CSULB, downtown Long Beach, or the Blue Line for a light rail train ride into Los Angeles.

Long Beach Transit provides regional bus service using air-conditioned buses on 38 routes. They run on many major Lakewood streets and include destinations in Long Beach, Lakewood and Signal Hill.

Most routes are operated seven days a week. All of Long Beach Transit's routes are wheelchair accessible.

Surfboards six feet and under are welcome. Long Beach Transit has bike racks installed on all standard buses. Racks can be used in conjunction with a work commute or recreational outing.

Light Rail

For information on bus and rail schedules, visit the LA Metro website.

Bus Routes with Stops at Lakewood Center

East-west bus routes: Route 101, 102, 103: Carson Street, Spring Street, Lakewood Mall

North-south routes: Route 91, 92, 93, 94: 7th Street, Bellflower/Woodruff/Clark

Visit the Long Beach Transit website for details. 

Long Beach Transit & Visitor Information Center

Adjacent to the downtown Long Beach transit mall, A Line terminus and Pine Avenue restaurant row is the Long Beach Transit and Visitor Information Center. It is a one-stop-shop for transit and visitor information on Long Beach and neighboring cities. The transit mall is used by 30,000 travelers daily.

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