See Something, Say Something

One of the most valuable tools the Sheriff’s Department has to keep Lakewood safe is the eyes and ears of Lakewood residents looking out for their neighborhood.See Something Say Something 562 623 3500

If you see unusual activity in your neighborhood, call the Sheriff’s Station business line at 562-623-3500, staffed 24 hours a day. They will send a Deputy to see what's happening.

Of course, if you see a crime in progress, always call 9-1-1.

Here are some examples of reasons to call:

  • You have questions about something occurring in your neighborhood, and you are not sure it is criminal activity.
  • You want to report a non-emergency crime, one that did not just occur, and the suspect(s) are not in the immediate area.
  • You are suspicious of a solicitor that just came to your door or is in the neighborhood.
  • People you don't recognize are walking your block with no obvious direction or purpose.
  • You notice unfamiliar people peering into parked vehicles or removing vehicle accessories.
  • You want to report a nuisance, such as a noise or parking complaint.
  • You observe parked, occupied vehicles at unusual hours.
  • You notice vehicles that appear to be abandoned.
  • You observe scavengers digging through trash and/or recycling bins.
  • You notice unusual foot traffic in the neighborhood.
  • You observe business transactions conducted from vehicles.

Report all crime to the Lakewood Sheriff's Station. Crime cannot be controlled or prevented if it is not reported. By reporting crimes and suspicious activities, you can protect yourself and others.