Fumigation Burglary Prevention

Tenting for termites can be risky

Homes undergoing fumigation treatments give thieves an opportunity to steal from unsuspecting homeowners.

Despite the hazardous conditions inside homes during fumigation treatments, criminals will wear gas masks and cut into the fumigation tent to gain entry. They then burglarize the home stealing valuables.

How to protect yourself

Research Pest Control Companies

There are many businesses that offer fumigation services. Take your time to properly vet potential providers before making a final decision. Ask these questions:

  • What are your policies for home burglaries that happen during fumigation?
  • Do you use a 3rd party contractor to place and remove the fumigation tent?
  • What security measures do you put in place during the fumigation process?
  • Do you offer video surveillance services during the fumigation process?

Request vacation checks by Deputy Sheriffs

The Lakewood Sheriff's Station offers free vacation checks while residents are away from their homes. Residents submit a vacation check request form to Lakewood Sheriff's Station, and deputies will check on the home while it is unoccupied.

Call the station's business line at (562) 623-3500 to request the vacation check or complete and email the vacation check form under "Related Information" on this page.  

Talk to trusted neighbors

Let your trusted neighbors know that your home will be tented and ask them to keep a vigilant eye and ear on your home while you're away. Be sure to give them your contact information, and let them know about any home maintenance services that will be happening while your home is being tented. This will help them decide if activity at your home is normal or unusual.

Remove valuables from your home

Make every effort to not have any valuables or precious keepsakes in your home during the fumigation. Remember your home will be left open for two to three days without any of your usual home security measures in place. If you cannot remove valuables from the home, you are encouraged to hide them during the treatment.

Use additional video surveillance and lighting

Any existing video surveillance systems you have in place attached to your home will be underneath the tent during the fumigation. Consider temporarily placing additional security cameras around the perimeter of your home, so that activity around the exterior of your home will be captured. Any exterior lighting attached to your home will also be under the tent, so consider adding more exterior lighting as well. Security cameras and lighting are a great deterrent to criminal activity.

Stay at home in an RV

It is not uncommon for homeowners to stay outside of their home in a parked RV. Having someone present on the property is another great deterrent to criminal activity.

Before you make plans to stay outside of your home in an RV, make sure you know Lakewood's rules for parking RVs on the street and on the home's driveway. Learn how to get a free permit.

There is no way to fully prevent burglary during fumigation. The steps you take now will minimize damage to your home and your property.