Fair Housing

Fair housing program in Lakewood neighborhoods

Lakewood has developed a fair housing program in an effort to help eliminate housing discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, disability, or age.

The Fair Housing Consultant is available on Mondays by appointment at (562) 866-9771 ext. 2323. Alternatively, you can contact the Neighborhood Preservation Manager at (562) 866-9771 ext. 2324 regarding your fair housing concerns.

The program includes the following topics.


The city provides information on housing issues to the public. The city maintains a community resource of books, pamphlets, and brochures related to fair housing laws and landlord/tenant civil codes. Information on affirmative action laws relating to loans, financing and housing in general is also available.

Lakewood staff members coordinate community workshops on fair housing laws and housing discrimination in conjunction with the Southern California Apartment Association and other cities.


Counseling is provided to low- and moderate-income residents, minorities, and the handicapped in the areas of housing and tenant/landlord complaints. Included are:

  • Resolving landlord/tenant disputes
  • Providing health and safety
  • Mailing landlord/tenant guidebooks, printed by the Department of Consumer Affairs, as follow-up to inquiries
  • Providing Section 8 rental assistance referrals when available
  • Providing counseling and resolution of housing discrimination allegations

Special Programs

Past activities include:

  • Participation in fair housing workshops and other training
  • Endorsement of legislation to strengthen the Fair Housing Act
  • Promoting voluntary compliance
  • In order to determine the success of its fair housing program, the city conducts a program review every three months.