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Published on September 04, 2022

Exterior mounted security camera

The City of Lakewood is offering residents a rebate of $50 per security camera device, for up to two security camera devices, per residential address.

The rebate program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis to Lakewood residents who purchase and install a security camera device (or devices) on or after March 22, 2022.

Rebates are available until program funding is expended – apply early for best opportunity at receiving a rebate.

Applicant Eligibility

Each applicant must meet the following requirements:

  1. Reside in the City of Lakewood and have a valid government issued ID displaying your City of Lakewood residential address.
  2. Have a current utility bill (water, electricity, gas, phone) registered in your name to your City of Lakewood residential address, matching the Lakewood address on your valid government issued ID. 
  3. Own or rent the City of Lakewood residence where the security camera device(s) will be installed.

NOTE: If currently renting, a signed letter from the owner of the Lakewood residential property is required expressly giving written consent to you to install the security camera device on the exterior of the residential property.

Rebate details

  • To be eligible for two $50 rebates, the total sale price, before taxes and installation, must be $200 or greater, and there must be a minimum of two individual cameras.
  • The maximum allowable rebate is $100 per Lakewood residential address.
  • The rebate is exclusively for the cost of the security camera device(s), not including any applicable tax.
  • The rebate does not include the cost for security camera device installation, additional storage space, accessories, or any cameras that are purchased but not installed on the exterior of the property, capturing any of the four eligible camera angles listed above.

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