Catalytic converter theft prevention rebates and free etching events

Published on April 18, 2022

CatClamp catalytic converter anti-theft device

The City of Lakewood encourages residents to take proactive measures to protect the catalytic converter on their vehicles. 

To help, Lakewood is offering residents an opportunity to receive rebates for two types of theft prevention measures:

1. VIN engraving on catalytic converter by an automotive service business or auto repair center: $25 rebate per vehicle

2. Purchase and installation of one of the two eligible catalytic converter anti-theft devices listed below: $50 rebate per vehicle

  • Catalytic Converter Protection Shield
  • Catalytic Converter 'CatClamp' style lock

The rebate program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis to Lakewood residents who have had professional engraving done and/or purchased and installed a theft-prevention device on or after March 22, 2022.

You may apply for either or both types of rebates for up to two rebates per VIN engraved and/or two anti-theft devices installed, per residential address.

Rebates are available until program funding is expended – apply early for best opportunity at receiving a rebate.

Get eligibility details and rebate application packets

In addition, Lakewood is offering four free catalytic converter engraving events at Palms and Mayfair Parks in May and June for residents only.

Find out about the upcoming engraving events


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