Help report missing or damaged fire hydrants

Published on June 18, 2024

Fire hydrant on blue background

Lakewood’s 1,500 fire hydrants and backflow devices are targets for thieves due to their brass or bronze content, which can be sold for scrap. Neighboring water agencies are seeing an increase in brass metal theft, and Lakewood is not immune. 

Hydrants can be drained, unbolted or cut loose within minutes, leaving a damaged or missing hydrant that is a public safety threat, as well as costly for the city to replace. 

Unpainted backflow device Lakewood’s hydrants and backflow devices (photo at right), both painted and unpainted metal, are located in public areas citywide and can’t be individually monitored. 

The city is asking residents to help by keeping an eye out for vandalized equipment.

If you see a theft or vandalism in progress, please call 911.

If you notice a missing or damaged hydrant or backflow device near your property, in your neighborhood, or on your daily errands around town, please report it as soon as possible so our Water Department can respond quickly. 

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