Back to school safety tips

Published on August 24, 2022


As Lakewood schools welcome students back to the classroom for the new school year in August, it’s important for parents to spend time and review a safe route for getting their children to school.

Safety tips for children and teens:

  • Always stop, look all four ways and listen before crossing the street.
  • Always wait for a crossing guard to control traffic before starting to cross the street.
  • Cross the street only at corners and crosswalks, not between parked cars.
  • Eyes up and phones down; be attentive when walking to avoid falling or walking into intersections.
  • Bicycles must be ridden on the right side of the road, in the direction of traffic. Bicyclists must also follow the same rules of the road as motorists.
  • Wear a secure-fitting, safety-approved helmet when riding a bicycle, skateboard, scooter or skates. It’s for your safety…and it’s the law for children under 18!

Safety tips for drivers:

  • Do not let your children exit a car on the traffic side of your vehicle. Be aware that drivers can be cited for unsafely loading or unloading children near schools.
  • Reduce vehicle speed to 25 mph or slower when driving in school zones.
  • Watch for crossing guards at crosswalks within school zones. Come to a complete stop while the crossing guard has their stop sign displayed and until all pedestrians have exited the crosswalk.
  • Pass a bicyclist as you would a slow-moving vehicle. Pass with caution, and only when safe. Do not squeeze the bicyclist off the road. By law, you must allow clearance of at least 3’ when passing a bicyclist. If less is available, drivers must slow down before passing.
  • Look carefully for bicyclists before opening doors next to moving traffic.
  • Do not overtake a bicyclist just before making a turn. Merge first, then turn.



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