Council Recap for Sept. 27

Published on September 28, 2022

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At their Tuesday evening meeting, Lakewood City Council Members approved an appropriation of $60,000 to continue private security guard patrols for at least another three months, through the end of December.

Staff’s analysis of the first six months of the service is that it has been effective, but could be improved by targeting areas experiencing crime upticks or patterns. That will be the strategy for the next three months, along with adjusting the patrol from four vehicles to three vehicles, seven nights a week. This strategic adjustment, along with the city’s funding of extra Deputy Sheriff patrol hours, the new hiring of a Community Prosecutor, and other elements of Lakewood’s Neighborhood Safety Enhancement Plan continue to strengthen the city’s commitment to do all it can to maintain the safest possible community.

The council also approved the hiring of a Homeless Outreach Liaison using L.A. County Measure H funds to expand Lakewood’s efforts to connect more homeless individuals with housing, mental health, drug rehab and other services to help get them off the streets and into a safe, productive path in life, and to also enforce the law in terms of illegal encampments and other illegal homeless-related activity in order to maintain the local quality of life.

Lakewood’s engagement with homelessness issues involves partnering with a variety of social service providers and county agencies, including the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. The Homeless Outreach Liaison will directly outreach to homeless individuals as well as help oversee and coordinate the activity of other agencies in Lakewood. The L.A. County Measure H funded position will also work with the cities of Hawaiian Gardens and Signal Hill, splitting her time among the three cities.

The City Council also approved an agreement with an architectural firm to design renovations at the Weingart Senior Center, where many older residents go for classes, fun and social interaction, and lunch. The nearly 50-year-old building needs renovations to remain functional and attractive. The work will include installing a new heating, air conditioning and ventilation system with air purifying features to protect the health of Lakewood seniors. Renovations will also include new flooring, lighting and other improvements. A project of this size requires design and architectural work first, with a contract for construction coming later.


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