Lakewood Beautiful program returns

Published on February 16, 2024

Lakewood Beautiful winning home

Nominate your house! Nominate a neighbor’s house!

The Lakewood Beautiful program is ready to recognize Lakewood residents who take extra care to keep their homes and yards (and local neighborhoods) looking great!

Studies show that home upkeep and beautification by caring, committed residents keeps crime rates low and property values healthy, thereby benefitting the whole community.

You can help honor those Lakewood residents who go “above and beyond” to keep their home and yards looking beautiful by submitting a nomination form by March 21, 2024. 

There are four ways to honor your home or a neighbor’s home in the Lakewood Beautiful program:

Beautiful Home Award. This is the city’s most traditional award, which has honored hundreds of Lakewood homes over three decades. This award recognizes the front facing exterior and landscaping of a home, displaying exceptional care and pride of ownership.

Jackie Rynerson “Transformation Award.” This will honor homeowners who have remodeled the front-facing exterior and landscaping of their property within the past three years.

Neat and Tidy Award. This newest category was added to recognize homeowners who are consistent with maintaining their landscaping and a clean home exterior.

Water-Wise Award. This honors beautiful homes nominated in one of the first three categories that deserve extra recognition for landscaping that utilizes water-conserving irrigation devices and plantings.

Learn more about the award categories

Visit the Lakewood Beautiful page for more details on the categories, and the characteristics of winning homes.

How to nominate a home

The deadline for nominations is Thursday, March 21, 2024.

You can nominate your property or that of a neighbor: