Measure L Citizens Oversight Committee

Citizens Oversight Committee Members

In March 2020, Lakewood residents passed Measure L, a 3/4-cent sales tax increase effective on purchases made starting July 1, 2020 (excluding groceries and pharmaceuticals).

A significant component of Measure L is the Citizens Oversight Committee.

The Citizens Oversight Committee, consisting of seven residents and business community leaders appointed by the Lakewood City Council, is tasked with providing an extra level of transparency to the community in reviewing the revenues and expenditures related to Measure L.

Appointees include representatives from various sectors in the Lakewood community, including a non-profit organization, youth organization, senior, Neighborhood Watch block captain, business owner and Chamber of Commerce board member.

Photo: The commission members are, from top left going clockwise: Brad Crihfield, Crystal Jones-Duncan, Mina Carrasco, Cindy Jarvis, Cassandra Chase, Jeannie Clark and Ron Piazza.

Commission Members

Representing the Greater Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is Brad Crihfield, who is Chair of the Chamber Board. Brad was a small business owner in Lakewood for nine years, and is currently an educational media producer for Long Beach City College. Brad serves as Chair of the Citizens Oversight Committee.

Representing senior groups in Lakewood is Crystal Jones-Duncan, who serves as the Vice Chair of the Citizens Oversight Committee. Crystal has lived in Lakewood for 21 years. She is retired from a career with Verizon, and currently works for the Long Beach Unified School District managing budgets for a high school and middle school.

Mina Carrasco was chosen to represent Neighborhood Watch groups in Lakewood. She’s been a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain for 13 years, and her active participation and willingness to help grow the Neighborhood Watch program led to her being named Block Captain of the Year in 2019.

Representing youth groups is Cindy Jarvis, who has volunteered for Lakewood Youth Sports for many years. In her professional life, Cindy is a principal at a K-8 school in a neighboring community.

Representing Lakewood non-profit groups is Cassandra Chase of the Lakewood Jaycees. Cassandra was born and raised in Lakewood. She’s a business strategist and social entrepreneur who serves as the Coordinator of the Empowerment Congress. In addition, she is the co-founder of Read Lead, an organization that provides literacy and leadership training for youth and young adults.

Jeannie Clark was selected as an “at large” community member. She’s a long time resident of Lakewood and member of the Lakewood Rotary Club. She’s also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), has worked in public accounting for over 30 years, and is a partner in a small business in Long Beach.

Representing the Lakewood business community is Ron Piazza. Ron is an owner of several McDonald’s restaurants in Lakewood. He started off as a teenager working at the McDonald’s at Paramount Blvd. and Carson St., worked his way up to manager, and ultimately purchased the restaurant. Ron’s been deeply involved in the Lakewood community for decades, and served on the Lakewood City Council for seven years.

Also sitting on the Oversight Committee are the two Lakewood City Council Members who are also members of the council’s Audit Committee (Steve Croft and Vicki Stuckey).

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